APPFOB Contactless Solutions

Endpoint Solutions
for Business & Personal

Bespoke contactless solutions simplifying access to user defined contact and information endpoints!

Business Users

Marketing, promotion and customer support. Just  a few of the many business needs APPFOB will fulfil. From Add To Contact vCards to user defined endpoints for support. We’re simplifying data exchange.

Personal Application

APPFOB can be used for a multiple of applications in and around the home – Pet ID, Luggage Tags, Quick Access for the elderly, Access Ebooks from other devices.  Replace some mobile apps with an APPFOB. Simply tell us what you want to manage.

Countertop, On A Lanyard, Equipment Maintenance, Digital And Contactless Business Cards. APPFOB Simplifies Data Exchange.

Quick access shortcuts on your computer or device, user instructions or asset managment data – all accessible from a mobile device via either a QR Code or Near Field Communication (NFC). From the people behind ShareMyCard® APPFOB naturally gives access to digital contact cards, landing pages that are dynamic – you can change the contact detail as and when they change.

Equipment Managers, Security Contractors, Builders, Accountants, DJs, Freelancers, Solicitors... Are seeing the Benefits Of APPFOB Solutions

Market tested with real businesses with real challenges. Our affordable APPFOBs are affordable and flexible. Solution pathways developed and risk assessed by industry experts. APPFOBs and our digital media solutions complements what you already have without being intrusive.

What Makes Us Different

Fast and Efficient

Simple solutions can be delivered in as little as 5 days for local customers.

Developed By Experienced Professionals

We don’t just sell widgets and boxes, we provide solutions to real challenges. We have years of experience behind us.

Bespoke Solutions

We match solutions to your specific challenges. From  marketing and networking to compliance and easy access for technophobes.

Affordable Prices

From single item ( No minimum quantity order) to bulk orders or contactless products are icompetitivly priced. 

Friendly & Reliable

We’re happy to talk with you about your specific needs. The majority of solutions are fulfilled manually – no bots here!


We avoid tech speak as much as is possible. Our products are centered around ‘touch’ and ‘scan’ as simple as is necessary.

What Our Clients Say

We stand behind our products

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

We do not adopt a one size fits all approach. Our customers define how they need to use our solutions. We will work with you to get it right.

Wondering How APPFOB can help you?

Contact Us today And Find out how affordable and simple our contactless solutions are.